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Valerie Hawkins

Hola Mami!

Three years ago I saw the word “Zumba” written on a fitness center window.
Immediately I knew it sounded like something fun. After my first class, I fell in love
and the rest is history. I am Valerie Hawkins, married with 4 adult children-two still
in college. I’m employed full time in the pharmaceutical industry and have lived in
Doylestown for 16 years. (I am 13 years over due to move somewhere tropical—
Aruba will do just fine!)

I have been a Zumba instructor for 3 years and am licensed in Zumba, Zumbatomic
and Zumba Gold. I love to dance and I love fitness. Zumba is the perfect

Certifications Include: Licensed Zumba Instructor, CPR

Valerie Hawkins is currently not instructing any classes.