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It's so much fun to come to solutions exercise.  No matter how tired I feel after a long day as soon as I walk in the door I feel ready to go and ready for the challenge.  The atmosphere is so positive and staff really cares about you and works with you at your level.  Gee R

Georgianne R.

Dear Elizabeth,

I had to take the time to tell you how wonderful the Solutions Exercise Studio has been for me.  It has only been three weeks, and yet I am starting to already feel like I am on the road to recovering my health, my strength and my overall life.  The selection of classes has accommodated my return as a ‘beginner’ and will offer me the challenges that I will need in the months to come.  All of the instructors are very well qualified and take into consideration the fitness levels of all the participants.

But YOU are the greatest asset of the Studio and have not only made me feel welcome, but shown a genuine interest in helping me to achieve my fitness goals.  I hope that with your encouragement I will have a long and successful relationship with the Solutions Exercise Studio!

Thanks for everything,

Kathy P.

"Solutions is a great studio for someone that dislikes the big gym feel yet is looking for a highly trained staff and personalized fitness programs.  The welcoming approach from Elizabeth, the owner, and her staff make the transition to getting "back in shape" fun yet unbelievably motivating."

Tara V.

"Wow- I just joined and I LOVE it!! Anyone can do it. Just takes a bit of practice. I'm almost 69 and intend to go to Solutions Exercise Studio forever!! The people are so nice and accepting...even old ladies!! Instructors are exceptional. Liz is a delight. I could keep going on and on and on...."

Bonnie B.

"You rocked it last night filling in for Zumba class. That was a great workout and I'm feeling it already today.  Bummed I'm going to miss Bounce tonight. I just have to thank you for opening such an amazing place.  I really look forward to coming to each class and trying new things with out feeling intimidated like other gyms. "

See you Thursday morning!!


"Joining Solutions Exercise Studio was the best decision I've made in a long time.  I already belonged to a gym but just needed a change. I couldn't be happier at Solutions.  Elizabeth is serious about exercise and serious about fun. The classes are effective and the instructor line up is incredible! Every single instructor is experienced, knowledgeable and helpful.  I look forward to going to class. It's fun, and the workout is intense. There are people of all different fitness levels and we all support and praise one another.  I got my groove back and at the same time met some wonderful people!"    

Bonnie F.


"I wanted to tell you how much I loved the ball class last night...I can honestly say that so far in the short month I have been coming to Solutions... I have challenged myself physically more than I ever have... I have stepped outside the box.  Thank you for opening such a positive inspiring gym.... I know for me personally, this has come at a time in my life where it is exactly what I need.

Hopefully I can work to overcome my fear of the scale...I am taking it one step at a time.... First committing to going to the gym, then I will tackle the scale and work on the body (and mind) issues.... Thanks for your understanding with that!

Can't wait until you do another ball class!!  Have a great day!!"


"Gianna is really enjoying your Teen classes. She always looks forward to coming each week. This says so much especially since she has P.E. last period on Tuesdays and sometimes has a softball game and or practice right after class. She loves how much fun she is having with friends of her age group and getting great exercise at the same time. She also loves how it is always different anything from running to Zumba and so forth. She says it's always challenging but she does not feel like its impossible! She feels great when she leaves with an accomplished goal! I can not thank you enough for this great idea for the youth you have put into action. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for my daughter for a long time. She is eleven and at this age they want to feel like anything they do are really geared towards them. I am so grateful."

To you and your staff for hitting the nail on the head! This is a real credit to Solutions Exercise!!!!

Well done!!!!!


Lisa LaRusso


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